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Role: Director, Camera Op, Editor, VFX
Created for DRVLINE booth exhibit at CES 2018

One of the key focal points of Samsung’s CES 2018 booth was a video featuring next-generation autonomous driving. It brought to life how the average family could seamlessly use a mix of traditional manual operations and self-driving technology.


After creating shot lists for the two-day shoot, I directed the talent and operated the video gear on set. Post shoot, I processed the video sources and mastered the final video edit. VFX shots were divided between myself and another artist including, CG elements, background replacements, digital paint, and color correction.


Please visit the official website for the full experience: Samsung DRVLINE


Role: Art Director, Motion and UX Designer
Created for Samsung, targeting in-home decoration product lines

I had the honor of collaborating on new product inventions with a talented team of designers, engineers, and researchers. In the pursuit of the next new thing, only a few of the many prototypes we worked on made it to market. What is now called Samsung Frame, this device is one part TV and one part art gallery. To view and order, please visit the official site here: Samsung Frame


During its development process, I was responsible for executing user flows, creating graphics, and building motion studies to communicate the Frame’s functionality to our engineering team. After a intensely iterative development process, it was a proud moment to see the Frame make it to market.