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Role: Art Director, Motion, and UX Designer
Created for LG display division, incorporating WebOS technology

My fun and engaging Palm Pre phone was my first introduction to WebOS. So when I was brought on to see how WebOS could be incorporated into a 10-foot experience, it seemed like an exciting challenge.​


Before LG officially integrated this effort into their product lines, I joined disparate teams of HP, Palm, and Gram to see how we could create a fun TV experience. I worked closely with engineers, product leads, and UX teams to flesh out how the UI would behave and move. Finding the right mix of mobile features and large-scale paradigms was the main challenge. The idea was to strip away extraneous bulk and simplify what it meant to access content in the easiest way possible.​


I'm happy to say that I was on the forefront of this product development and it's currently on its 3.0 release today.