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Creative Director, Global Corporate Marketing

I oversaw global creative and managed an internal design team consisting of art directors, graphic designers, and video professionals. My focus was on developing creative strategy, roadmap of transformation initiatives, and empower adoption of new design systems, libraries, templates, style guides, and processes to create a singular cohesive visual language across the entire organization. 

Prior to me joining, Illumina had no centralized creative leadership, suffered from a disparate color palette, and lacked cohesion across the core visual language elements. With monumental work from our internal design team along with an external agency, I was able to unify Illumina's new visual language, oversee updated brand guidelines, and align design systems.

Coming from Apple, Samsung, and other product-focused brands, I was surprised to find that Illumina did not have a centralized Product asset library. Due to disconnected team engagements, lack of creative leadership, and reliance on limited practical photography, I prioritized creating a 3D asset library for all instruments and related consumables. Huge shout-out to BUCK for working closely with our industrial designers to make sure everything was true to spec, down to fabrication details. 

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